Investment Management

Investing on Purpose centers on your needs

Your financial goals, values and risk tolerance are unique to you–and we think your investment strategy should be too. Our approach provides you with a customized portfolio centered on helping you achieve your goals.

For us, investing isn’t about following a cookie cutter plan. It’s about keeping you and your needs as the focus of every decision. It’s about being intentional with our investment recommendations and process. It’s about Investing on Purpose.

We personalize your portfolio

• Are you concerned market volatility will derail
your plans?

• Do you prefer lower risk investment vehicles,
even if it means smaller return potential?

• How do you plan to use your invested assets?

We start our investment process by asking questions to determine your needs and risk tolerance. Our team then collaborates to give you recommendations that are grounded in your goals. We also use cutting edge technologies to help ensure your plan doesn’t take on more risk than necessary.

We actively manage your investments

Our investment committee diligently monitors your portfolio and could adjust your investments as the market changes. Whether it’s news that could affects your portfolio or personnel changes at companies, we’re paying attention–and ready to take action.

And we always keep you updated. We refresh our proprietary analysis weekly and share that analysis with you during our client review meetings.

Our team approach provides financial confidence

By using our investment committee, we put our collective expertise and experience to work for you. The approach eliminates any individual investment bias. Instead we work together to provide thoughtful strategies to help you meet your financial goals.

And unlike firms that headquarter your investments with one person, you always have the support of our team, regardless of what happens to any individual.

Do your investments align with your goals? Investing on Purpose ensures they do.