Raymond James Financial Services

Since the inception of John Moore and Associates in 1997, our advisors have offered securities through Raymond James Financial Services. Raymond James custodies client assets and supports our firm with detailed performance reporting and statements, an efficient trading platform, investment analysis support as well as various financial planning technology.

Raymond James & Associates is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at sipc.org or by calling (202) 371-8300.

Raymond James has purchased excess SIPC coverage through various syndicates of Lloyd’s, a London-based firm. Excess SIPC is fully protected by the Lloyd’s trust funds and Lloyd’s Central Fund. The additional protection currently provided has an aggregate firm limit of $750 million, including a sublimit of $1.9 million per customer for cash above basic SIPC for the wrongful abstraction of customer funds.

Account protection applies when a SIPC-member firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities clients, but it does not protect against market fluctuations.

Virgil Dugan – Consultant

Virgil Dugan has developed mathematical models that can be used to evaluate both individual stocks and equity markets.  He provides consulting services to John Moore and Associates in the context of these models as they are used in stock screening applications to identify potential investment options and to follow stock market trends.

Virgil is currently serving with the Tijeras Foundation and the National Christian Foundation – New Mexico.  In these positions he has provided consulting support to non-profit organizations in the areas of board development and planning, financial management, stewardship, fund raising, investment management, federal regulations, and technology applications.  Prior to these endeavors Virgil spent 34 years with Sandia National Laboratories where he managed research and development programs and oversaw corporate management responsibilities as Chief of Staff.

Mr. Dugan holds a PhD degree in engineering and mathematics and has extensive post-graduate education in business administration and management from a number of different universities.

* Virgil Dugan is not affiliated with or endorsed by Raymond James .

SP Financial Group

SP Financial Group of Raymond James (SPFG) provides our team support in managing the complex world of fixed income. Their portfolio advisory services are designed to serve registered investment advisors like John Moore & Associates. The value of their portfolio construction, bond purchasing and ongoing monitoring of fixed income holdings has made SPFG an integral partner in our investment management process. SPFG also contributes to our investment committee meetings to provide commentary on interest rates, global fixed income markets and general economic outlook.

Kingdom Advisors

Kingdom Advisors is a community of Christian financial professionals who integrate their faith into their practice. Through our membership in Kingdom Advisors we receive training and resources for the specialty of biblical financial advice. We participate in monthly small groups and annual gatherings where we study, worship and pray with financial professionals who share our biblical worldview and commitment to supporting the Kingdom through our work.

Kingdom Advisors is not affiliated with or endorsed by Raymond James.

Fritz Meyer – Economist

We participate in a monthly call with Fritz Meyer, independent economist and market analyst. He has been a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business Network, he has often been quoted in financial and business publications and he regularly speaks to financial advisors and their clients.

Prior to starting his own firm in 2011, Mr. Meyer spent 15 years with Invesco and began his investment career in 1976. He was Invesco’s Senior Market Strategist, and has managed large-cap equity mutual funds and multi-cap equity and fixed-income client portfolios. Mr. Meyer earned his A.B. degree from Dartmouth College with a distinction in economics and his Master of Business Administration degree from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

* Fritz Meyer is  not affiliated with or endorsed by Raymond James.


Every week we download data on over 9,000 companies from Zacks, one of the most reputable sources of market data available today. We use this data to drive our proprietary quantitative analysis.

* Zacks is  not affiliated with or endorsed by Raymond James.