Wealth Management

A wealth management process that puts you first

Perhaps you want to build your retirement or maybe you’re planning to start a business. What’s your next financial step?
How will you know if you’re making enough progress toward your goals? And what are the risks?

Our proprietary wealth management process connects the dots between your goals and how you can reach them.
We work with you to outline a path for your future, and then support you every step of the way.

  • We start by listening

    What are your savings goals? Do you feel like you’re on track to achieve them? What’s most important to you? We start our process by asking a lot of questions. We’ll learn about your goals and your values, and you’ll leave with a great sense of our process and how it fits with your needs.

  • We analyze your investments

    Then we’ll walk you through a personalized Investment Proposal for your current portfolio. Our recommendations are never cookie cutter, but instead based on your goals and risk tolerance. We take the time to explain our investment models and decision-making process, and to answer any questions.

  • We give you a customized financial strategy

    Our team analyzes 18 components of your financial life including your education and retirement savings, estate and tax planning and investment allocations. We also consult our expert panel of CPAs, insurance advisors, estate attorneys and business planners to help ensure every part of your financial life is addressed.

    Our comprehensive analysis results in your personal Wealth Management Score and Scorecard.

    We explain your Score and Scorecard and the elements behind them.

  • We track your progress

    We continually update your Wealth Management Scorecard to reflect improvements you’ve made and the work you’ve done. That way you know when you’re on the right track–and when you need to make some changes.

  • We review your plan

    We meet regularly with our wealth management clients. We discuss changes in your life and goals and adjust your plan as necessary.

Learn more about how we manage your investments.